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Committees for Members

Global Chamber® San Antonio has a number of committees to help members connect with new opportunities and to help us collectively achieve our regional mission of helping companies and communities find and capture new opportunities, and grow - across metros and borders.

Joining a committee is a great way to meet fellow members and to gain exposure with some amazing organizations. Please take a look below and find a committee managed by our Advisory Board that most interests you - and then let's get you involved! Contact Dr. Krystal Nerio or Christopher C. Herring


Education Committee

Young Global Leaders

Future CEOs of America

Global Trade Policy Committee

Business Attraction Committee

Military Affairs Committee

Export Circles Committee


San Antonio Chamber Board Chair: Dr. Krystal K. Nerio

San Antonio Executive Director: Christopher C. Herring


Education Committee: The Education Committee focuses on building relationships between Global Chamber® San Antonio and the regional education community,    PreK-12 and college level. It helps prepare members to deal with a variety of global business protocols in furthering development of International Business connections with confidence, proficiency and professionalism.

·      CHAIR:  Crissy Pena

·      Dr. Rodney Rodriguez

·      Dr. Keely Petty

·      La Juana Cummings McKinney


Young Global Leaders Committee: The Young Global Leaders Committee creates opportunities for young professionals under the age of 40 to develop skills and build relationships that will help advance their networks and foster an understanding of thoughtful business practices. Committee members provide input to Global Chamber® San Antonio to keep the organization evolving and changing with future needs.

·       CHAIR:  Lucy Huereca

·       Val Arias

·       Gianini Castillo


Future CEOs of America: Future CEOs of America Committee creates opportunities for high school students and college students under the age of 22 to develop skills and financial literacy that will help advance their understanding of thoughtful business practices. Committee members provide input to Global Chamber® San Antonio to keep the organization evolving and changing with future needs.

·       Gianini Castillo

·       Christopher C. Herring


Global Trade Policy Committee: The Global Trade Policy Committee is aware of issues related to international trade in goods and services and the legal mechanisms used to regulate trade by monitoring new developments on national and international levels. The Committee offer members current information affecting legislation, policy initiatives and multilateral and bilateral agreements.

·       CHAIR: TBD

·       TBD, USTD

·       TBD, Attorney


Business Attraction Committee: The "Texas Business Council" (Attraction Committee) welcomes incoming businesses to connect and thrive as they expand in Texas, building a stronger business ecosystem and community in support of the State’s economic growth. By connecting companies with valuable Global resources, the firms will improve operational efficiency, profitably and success.

·      CHAIR: Sherry Chaudhry

·       Councilman Cedric Edwards, City of Schertz

·       TBD, City of San Antonio

·       TBD, City of Live Oak


Military Affairs Committee: The Military Affairs Committee assists member companies that have a desire to advance Veteran Owned Businesses globally.

·   Maj Gen Al Flowers, Sr., USAF Retired

·   Dr. Krystal K. Nerio, 

·   Christopher C. Herring, USAF Retired

·   Jacqueline H. Jones, USAF Retired

·   Evelyn Torres Tubbs

·    Kelly Broome, USA Retired

·   Sidney Smith, USA Retired

·   Councilman Cedric Edwards, City of Schertz


Exporter Circles Committee: The "Global Business Council" (Exporter/Importer Committee) assists member companies that facilitate trade in services, goods and commodities between Texas and foreign businesses. The committee works with local member companies seeking international expansion as well as international companies desirous of trading with member Arizona companies.

·     Ted Terrazas

·     Dr. Rodney Rodriguez, Laredo College

·     Alberto Rodriguez-Baez

·     Peter Grabiec

·     Jane Gonzalez

·     Dr. Krystal K. Nerio


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