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    Volunteers and interns are valuable in helping Global Chamber® San Antonio with event operations, networking, marketing and other project-based activities.  Building a team to support local operations of Global Chamber® San Antonio is important.

    We welcome people who want to volunteer their time to assist in the growth of the Global Chamber®.  The best people to apply are global professionals and executives who are consultants, or between jobs, or semi-retired, or students (undergraduate or graduate).


    Our goal is to build a team of three to five Volunterns  to help with events, membership outreach, marketing, sponsorship and more.  We have developed a comprehensive program to help optimize the ‘Voluntern’ experience.  In fact, we have even created a special membership for some volunteers called “Envoy” which is a way we identify that we are  basically trading a membership for their help.

    The following is a list of activities that provide potential Volunterns an example of how you will support  Global Chamber® San Antonio:


Event Operations

A good way for volunteers and interns to network with key community connections is volunteering at events. Along the way the Global Chamber® will need help with setting up and operating the events. Tasks such as set-up, assisting at the sign in desk, and tear down are some responsibilities Volunterns should expect. And then as the event approaches volunteers can talk to the guests and ask questions…as well meet people to broaden their network.

Volunteers greeting visitors should ask...

  • Welcome, are you a member? And...

  • Getting them set-up with registration and payment (if necessary)

  • Who are you looking to meet today?

  • What are you hoping to get out of the meeting today?

  • How can we help you make this an ideal experience for you?

  • What products, markets and regions are most important for you?



Volunteers can attend Global events in the community and market Global Chamber® activities. They should find out who the people are at the event and if they have any global business, or interest in global business.  


Volunterns should let the business attendees know about upcoming opportunities to participate. For example:

  • Are you active with global business?

  • If yes… what type, what segments, what products, what regions?

  • How do you find leads, how do you keep up with the latest info to succeed?

  • Have you experienced some challenges, risk and failures in your global business?

  • Who are you looking to meet today?

  • What are you hoping to get out of the meeting today?



Volunteers can help with social media, marketing research and other marketing for the chapter if they have a marketing background that can supplement what the chamber is doing.


Business Development

The best chance to meet up with global companies in the community is to call global minded people and promote Global Chamber® activities, memberships and opportunities. Expected responsibilities of a volunteer helping in this area is gauging member/sponsor interest through scripted emails/phone calls.

  • Are you active with global business?

  • Are you involved with any trade organizations including any chambers?

  • Would you be interested in learning more about Global Chamber®?


Special Projects

Some examples of special projects include: .

  • Developing a Membership Recruitment Campaign

  • Marketing, marketing research and social media


Executive Director Christopher Herring with former Chamber Intern, India Woodington, now a University of Texas Law Student. Chamber Internships really help for graduate school and always mean something good!

India ran the Future CEO of America and hosted over 50 African business fellows to San Antonio, Texas (through the White House' Mandela Fellows Program (YALI)).

College Students are ideal to participate... (Executive Director with UTSA CEO organization after Pitch Competition)

Global Chamber® Volunterns will report to work at 18911 Hardy Oak Blvd, San Antonio, Texas 78258 unless directed to report to a special event location.


Executive Director with Cali Crow - read Cali's intern testimony as a high school senior (she is now an International acting student).

What We Do

Our members connect locally and globally to the international business community to capture new opportunities. We offer membership, sponsorship, Export Circles℠ and more.


Members of Global Chamber get access to trusted connections around the  world and the resources they need to grow their companies across borders.


Attend events at Global Chamber San Antonio or virtually to expand your network and gain valuable training from global business leaders


Access resources to grow internationally, such as information, education, training, mentoring, global jobs, consulting and more.